DATEV Unternehmen online

DATEV Unternehmen online (business cloud) provides transparency and continuous processing for financial and pay roll accounting.


Your advantages:

  • Convenient: Receipts and documents are digitally exchanged, while all originals remain in the company.
  • All at a glance: Accounts receivable and payable can be easily managed online.
  • Transferable: Personnel master files and transaction data are recorded for payroll accounting.
  • Transparent: A meaningful and detailed assessment from your tax advisor is quickly available.
  • Secure: The exchange of receipts, documents, and assessments with us occurs securely over the certified DATEV cloud.  As a result, your data is secure against unauthorized access.
  • Efficient: The OCR recognition in DATEV Unternehmen online recognizes over 80% of the Data (date, invoice number and amount) on paper receipts and automatically transmits the data onto the payment transfer medium for bank transfers.