Efficient Personnel Data Entry

Through the fastdocs Personnel Questionnaire you have the possibility to transfer your personal data quickly and easily. The clear structure enables an intuitive, quick handling, independent of where you are located.


Your advantages:

  • Simple, quick handling: With the help of the clear, visually and audially structured layouts of the documents, you will find your way around very quickly.

  • Intelligent validation: Critical fields such as Social Security number, an individual’s tax identification number or the account number (IBAN) are checked for accuracy by the background program fastdocs with intelligent validation. If entries are incorrect, you will be immediately notified of it.

  • Content-based Assistence: Clear language assists in making the difficult questions more understandable.

  • Independent of platform: Due to fastdocs independence of platforms or hardware, you can transfer your personnel data anywhere, regardless of the operating system or the computer you use.