Breidenbach Kurth Haag receives the Digital DATEV firm label

Author: Maik Jeske - 03.04.2020

The time has come! Through continuous optimization of our digital processes and the use of the latest technology, we have been able to count ourselves among the 950 digital DATEV firms in Germany since January 2020 by receiving the "Digital DATEV firm" label.

What exactly is the digital DATEV firm label?

With the Digital DATEV firm label, DATEV eG honors innovative firms that achieve a high digitization rate in their way of working. The label has only been awarded since 2019, so we are all the more proud to have fulfilled the requirements for receiving the label this year. The award is based on defined criteria, which depend on the following key figures:

1. Digitization rate for financial accounting data (specification: 65% - own rate: 83%)

2. Digitization rate bank statements (specification: 70% - own rate: 83%)

3. Proportion of clients with digital documents (specification: 40% - own quota: 73%)

4. Number of pay slips per hour (specification: 5/h - own rate: 6.1/h)

5. Digitization rate of personnel movement data: (specification 10% - own rate: 47%)

The selection of the criteria shows that different aspects of our business are taken into account when awarding the label, so that the term “digital DATEV firm” guarantees that the audited firm is comprehensive and constantly up to date.

Our law firm has consistently positive development in all of the above criteria.

Since we would like to share the advantages of digitization with all our clients, we are particularly pleased about our large proportion of clients who already use digital documents about DATEV companies online. Through the use of the two clouds we use, DATEV companies online and DATEV My taxes, everyone can benefit from digitization together with us. Of course, even after receiving the label, we continue to work hard on optimizing and using our digital services.  

If you are interested in the details of the possibilities of our digital firm and the resulting advantages, please inform yourself at any time about our digital services under or directly via the tab of our website.

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