I passed! Social Media Manager (IHK) examination.

Author: Janine Sieger - 15.10.2019

Last summer I was asked, if I was interested in training as a “Social Media Manager (IHK)”. Social media is becoming ever more important, also in our firm. Facebook, XING, Instagram... from now on we are going to use these channels to interact even more closely with our clients and potential staff members. We are going to present ourselves and to communicate. As a qualified Social Media Manager I am going to take on a leading role in this context.

I had an interesting and very educational time, training with Cologne’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). In six full-day sessions we learned about the different social media channels, their tools, the best ways to use the respective channels and about key success factors. I must admit that I was not familiar with a lot of the technical jargon. Thanks to our lecturer Stefan Strauss, however, who taught the content that was almost entirely new to me in a fascinating and very practical manner, I successfully passed the practical exam that marked the end of the certification course.

This means that you will soon read and hear a lot more from me!
I am looking forward to interacting with you.


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