More than tax consultation-
your business companion and advisor.

There has long been more to contemporary tax consultancy services, than just preparing tax returns, company audits and balance sheets. Instead, a client’s entire business situation is examined, to be able to provide tailor-made services from a single source. In addition to our own specialist consultants, we have access to an extensive network of specialist lawyers, auditors and real estate experts. Your personal consultant is your first point of contact for all business-related matters. We are characterised in particular by our broad industry knowledge, multilingualism and implementation competence. It is not least thanks to the high degree of digitisation of our processes that we are capable of achieving a level of efficiency that enables us to take a large burden off our clients’ shoulders.

Full-service consultation for businesses

Our goal is to make tax activities as easy as possible for medium-sized companies and freelancers. Breidenbach Kurth Haag is your point of contact for all issues and concerns. Save precious time and energy.

Tax returns for private individuals

You would like to have as little to do with your tax return as possible? For us to take as much off your shoulders as we can? You have come to the right place. Thanks to our high degree of digitisation, you can benefit from the advantages of a paperless cooperation. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Flexible support for corporations

Your tax department is under ever more pressure? Because of increasing documenting and reporting requirements for tax matters? Because of enormous time pressure when it comes to calculating the tax position for preparing your annual financial statements? Because of a lack of staff? We will gladly take on a wide range of duties of tax departments of large corporations, both temporarily and permanently.

Non-profit organisations

Non‐profit does not necessarily mean that there are no profits. Breidenbach Kurth Haag provides advice regarding your non-profit status, ranging from the preparation of your declaration statement, through to a proper profit determination according to the 4 pillars of non-profit law.

Wide spectrum of competences. Specific expertise.

We possess in-depth knowledge of various specialist areas, far beyond regular tax consultancy services.


There is no better way to present our expertise and commitment than through specific projects and statements made by satisfied clients.