Exploit all the advantages in line with the law.

Using profits for charitable purposes in a timely manner, is an approach that is recognised under company law, and companies that do so are granted tax privileges. However, non‐profit does not necessarily mean that there are no profits. Strictly defined rules for tax exemption and tax privileges for donors pose significant challenges and risks for associations, charitable limited companies, foundations and other non-profit organisations. Guidance from an experienced consultant for non-profit organisations is necessary for handling these issues.

At Breidenbach Kurth Haag you have come to the right place for this. A correspondingly certified tax consultant and a team of qualified staff members will help you to exploit all the advantages while conforming to the law, and to successfully perform your charitable work on the long run.

Stephan Breidenbach

Diplom-Kaufmann (FH)
Tax Consultant/Partner

02241 / 844 03-0

Legal requirements

Preparing the non-profit declaration statement. Applying for non-assessment certificates. Preparing activity reports and use-of-funds tax statements. Proper profit determination according to the 4 pillars of non-profit law. Breidenbach Kurth Haag provides competent comprehensive support for all tax-related tasks and in all matters regarding the non-profit status.

Of course we can also prepare balance sheets or take care of payroll or financial accounting (incl. cost accounting if applicable) for you, if you wish.

Convenient and professional:

  • Many years of experience in the field of non-profit law (especially childcare facilities, youth education and support, sports clubs, charitable organisations)
  • Certified tax consultant for the area of non-profit law with ongoing training obligations
  • Qualified team for the area of non-profit organisations
  • Professional use-of-funds presentation
  • Clarity in questions regarding value added tax

Committed to your good cause.
Our additional services.

From establishment, via financing, through to handling individual projects, non-profit organisations are facing a wide range of specific issues. To ensure that your charitable organisation is not missing anything, we are here to provide advice and guidance that goes far beyond your tax duties. This includes in particular issues relating to the founding, organisational structuring and reviewing of your statutes according to the relevant requirements under non-profit law.

We also protect you against any unpleasant surprises!

For example: withdrawal of your non-profit status due to a misuse of funds or failure to submit your tax returns along with an activity report and use-of-funds statement.

To make sure that none of this happens, we are steadily by your side with advice, creative input and reminding you of any outstanding matters.

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