Your income tax returns –
save time and reduce the tax burden.

We use state-of-the-art technology to prepare your tax return, ensuring that the process involves as little effort for you as possible. We obtain your basic documents, such as your employment tax statement, directly from the financial authorities. Our cloud-based platform enables you to upload and view your taxation documents at any time. It does not get any more convenient and efficient than this. If necessary, we will also handle objection proceedings or appeals against tax assessments for you.

You do not agree with your tax assessment? We will be by your side to help you lodge your objection.

Are you looking for support beyond preparing your tax return? Do you need help with applying for an income tax reduction? Or with financial optimisation? Or perhaps with asserting your tax interests in the case of a separation?

Thomas Haag

Diplom‐Kaufmann (FH)
Tax Consultant/Partner

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Legal requirements

We prepare income, inheritance and gift tax declarations. We also review each tax assessment, and if necessary we represent our clients before the financial authorities, in the context of objection proceedings. In addition to this, we provide active support in legal, criminal and fines proceedings.


Convenient and professional:

  • Paperless cooperation thanks to modern cloud-based technology
  • Completeness check of all tax-related documents
  • Compliance with all deadlines and communication with the tax office
  • High degree of legal certainty, thanks to professional assessment reviews
  • Holistic consultation in all matters related to your pension and assets

Experts can do more.
Our additional services.

In addition to the mandatory tax returns, there are many occasions and reasons for private individuals to use our services. We also provide competent advice for a wide range of asset and tax-related decision-making processes. For example for special occasions or regarding specific topics such as:

Double budgeting, inheritances, severance payments, working abroad, foreign income, status of UN staff members and other special cases.

Breidenbach Kurth Haag is also your specialist for all tax-related matters and concerns in the areas of real estate and succession planning, as well as professional analyses of your asset and pension situation. This also includes the value of your home, insurances and capital investments. We will provide you with a reliable basis for decision-making for asset generation – not only when you are buying a property. Because experts can do more.

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