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Our advice for your company succession.

Company succession is a very personal matter. It is a vital business decision that needs to be planned thoroughly and in good time. It requires reason and a clear mind. For various reasons, it may also not be easy to even find a successor. In addition to a business valuation, various factual, legal and tax-related aspects must be taken into account – both when a business is passed on within a family, and when it is taken over externally. Being the party to take over a company, is just as challenging.

We will walk you through this complex subject matter and make sure that you are entirely satisfied with the final arrangement.

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Our services for passing on and taking over companies:

  • Tax optimisation (sale / acquisition)
  • Legal optimisation via our network
  • Company evaluation: calculation and determination of the company’s value
  • Financial preparation (transformation, spin-off, evaluation)
  • Ideal financing structure – network of banks, private equity
  • Support for finding successors
  • Negotiations with funders

Preparation is everything.
Taking care of a takeover in good time.

A sensible succession arrangement requires a few years of planning and preparation. Family-succession takes around 6.5 years on average, succession within the company 3.3 and an external takeover 1.6 years. A suitable candidate must not only be found, but also be introduced to the role. Safeguarding the customer and supplier base is just as important as employee acceptance. Conflicts may also occur, for example, within the family or with the advisory board. Finding the right time to go is not necessarily easy either.

When passing on a company you are therefore facing many difficult questions and tasks. The same is true for the party taking over the company. We are available as an honest mediator for both sides, throughout the entire succession process.

We are here to help you with:

  • Family solutions for the entire succession process
  • Representation of interests during the acquisition / sale
  • Attendance of lawyer / notary appointments
  • Retaining business, customers and staff members after the takeover

One-stop shop.
Coordination, promotion, personal support.

Finding and choosing a successor. Or searching, the other way round, for the right company. Determining the value of the company. Different ways for passing on the company. Considerations with regard to tax matters and inheritance law. Talking to the banking institution. Public financial aids. Drawing up a business plan. Introducing the new management to their duties. New staff. And many other tasks. A wide range of experts is needed for handling a company succession process successfully. Us as tax consultants, lawyers, auditors, surveyors, recruiters, the notary,... .

We will bring all of them together for you, as part of a well-practised and proven process. We act as mediators, coordinators and driving force. We will bring the right parties to the table and keep everything afloat. With this approach we ensure that things will not come to a halt or get stuck, and that the entire search and handing over process moves along smoothly right from the start.

Particular emphasis is placed on the goal to achieve the highest possible degree of sustainability. What has been created over generations should continue to be successful for generations to come, after all.

Private pension and family cover.

It goes without saying that your own and your family’s financial security must also be taken into account. We provide comprehensive advice for structuring retirement provisions and private assets, regarding pension fund provisions and life insurance policies, as well as drawing up an emergency plan including the following aspects:

  • Tax and legal arrangements of the handover / takeover: sale / acquisition, financing, induction, communication
  • Consultation regarding family cover: structuring of retirement provisions and private assets, pension fund provisions, life insurance policies, emergency plan

Your advantages:

  • Consultation in tax-related and legal matters right from the start
  • Company valuation geared towards the interested parties
  • Organisation of the entire handover / takeover process
  • Establishing a sound financing structure
  • Representation in negotiations with funders, authorities and contract partners
  • Searching for a successor, safeguarding the company and structuring the transition
  • Advice regarding family cover and retirement provisions

Wide spectrum of competences. Specific expertise.

We possess in-depth knowledge of various specialist areas, far beyond regular tax consultancy services.


There is no better way to present our expertise and commitment than through specific projects and statements made by satisfied clients.