Your outsourcing partner for tax compliance & tax accounting.

Staff turnover. Parental and maternity leave, pressure due to time limits. Ever higher and hardly manageable requirements regarding documentation and reporting duties. Staff shortage and related stress are also constant issues in your tax department? Backlogs of work tend to build up because of a lack of manpower?

Let us compensate for your staff shortage. Benefit from our commitment, specialist know-how and our big-four experience. We will take care of all arising or previously undone tasks relating to tax compliance and tax accounting.

If you wish, we will also optimise your tax processes and your internal control system. This way we contribute to minimising your risks with regard to profit tax and value added tax: professionally, soundly and for a performance-related fee.

Elmar Kurth

Diplom‐Kaufmann (FH)
Tax Consultant/Partner

0221 / 57 77 258-0

Representing your interests.
Our interim tax management.

As seasoned interim tax managers we will temporarily take care of management duties in your company’s tax department. Whether it be directly on your premises or by means of digital communication. Whichever suits you best.

Our interim tax managers offer professional and cost-efficient support for your internal tax department, thanks to their flexible availability, profound expertise and reasonable fee. This enables you to bridge staff shortages, complete projects on time, to reduce fixed charges and to benefit from greater know-how.

We are happy to assist you in the following areas:

Tax-related issues and tasks:

  • Tax declarations and support during company audits
  • Tax accounting / deferred taxes
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Tax optimisation / restructuring
  • Specific questions

Issues relating to accounting law:

  • Preparing reports and annual financial statements
  • Financial reporting according to national and international principles
  • Key figure analyses
  • Short-term outsourcing of accounting activities to DATEV accounting
    • No client resources necessary
    • Uploading to the reporting system included
  • Plausibility assessment and provision of data for foreign consultants


  • Team management
  • Internal / external communication and coordination
  • Project support

Reporting to decision-makers:

  • Results that are relevant to decision-making
  • Sparring partners
  • Presentation

Perfectly in line with the law.
Our tax compliance (declarations & ICS).

The rules for structuring tax-relevant business processes in accordance with directives and laws are complex. We make sure that you fully meet these requirements and that your internal processes are suitably organised. The preparation and reviewing of tax returns and the development of documentation processes and an internal control system (ICS) are our main priorities in our work for you.

Our services for preparing and reviewing tax returns:

  • Corporate and business tax
  • Value added tax incl. VAT verification
  • Separate and uniform determination of profits (for partnerships)
  • Electronic balance sheets
  • Capital gains tax registrations
  • Applications for exemption addressed to the Federal Central Tax Office (licences / dividends)

Our services for developing and documenting an ICS
(or S-OX 404) for the area of taxation:

  • Minimising (liability) risks
  • Payroll tax / value added tax / profit tax
  • Development of binding reporting processes / information paths within the corporation
    • Setting up processes / preparing check lists
    • Tax transparency within the corporation
    • Efficient information retrieval
    • Proactive action in the case of any shortcomings
  • Preparation of the GAAP documentation for digital processes
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation / country-by-country reporting (CbCR)

International standard calculations and reports.
Our tax reporting & accounting services.

We assist you in preparing tax calculations as well as with the area of reporting and its set-up. We will also gladly take care entirely of both areas for you. It goes without saying that we will conform to the time intervals specified by your corporation: monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or yearly. And of course we are able to create the reports according to the different standards: IFRS, US-GAAP and HGB. In addition to calculating current / deferred taxes, we will consolidate multiple companies based in different countries, prepare the tax rate reconciliation (TRR) and determine the effective tax rate (ETR).

A strong partner by your side.
Support for ongoing company audits.

The auditor from the tax office is on your doorstep? Don't worry, we will be right by your side. As an experienced, tested and committed advocate for your interests, we will see you through the entire process until all the facts are clear.

We will prepare legal acknowledgement letters or statements and develop corresponding defence arguments. We will fight for you with full commitment in any discussions or negotiations with the auditor. In addition to this, we will also check that the audit reports are implemented correctly. The same applies for the factual correctness of the final tax assessments (any outstanding processes).

We will adjust your tax returns in accordance with the consequences of the company audit, and your internal processes in line with any objections. Finally we will integrate the results of the company audit into the tax reporting, e.g. pursuant to FIN48.

With our help, you will be able to face anyone and anything in the future.

Major restructuring measures.
Detailed guidance and consultation.

Major transnational company restructuring activities are usually handled by big-four companies. This is why we tend to not take the lead in this type of measures. However, we will support you in the areas of fact-finding and information retrieval. We will explore your options in a creative brainstorming process, in which circumstances that are not related to taxation are also taken into account (internal processes, consequences under employment law, etc.). Furthermore, we will integrate the restructuring measures in your tax returns and tax reporting. We will assist you in data collection during the run-up, as well as with communication and the implementation – in theoretical as well as in practical terms.

Your advantages:

  • Independence – no involvement with auditing firms
  • SAP / ERP skills of our staff members
  • Combination of tax returns and reporting activities – “one-fits-all” – no communication losses
  • The client does not bear any personnel risks / headcount reduction
  • Cost advantage compared to similar services performed by big-four companies
  • Transparent pricing
  • Quick response time thanks to our flat hierarchy
  • Zero-error review thanks to dual control principle
  • Verifications / plausibility checks
  • Flowcharts / direct access to data from the financial accounting system


  • Many years of experience working for international and national corporations (US‐GAAP and IFRS) and big-four experience
  • More than 15 years of experience in preparing tax returns for large corporations
  • Dedicated team specialising in consultancy services for corporations

Wide spectrum of competences. Specific expertise.

We possess in-depth knowledge of various specialist areas, far beyond regular tax consultancy services.


There is no better way to present our expertise and commitment than through specific projects and statements made by satisfied clients.