Making investments worthwhile.
Your properties, our tax advice.

Properties are popular investment products in times of low interest rates and housing shortages. This is true for owner-occupiers as well as for private and large-scale investors. It is vital that not only a wide range of financial aspects, but also various tax-related aspects are considered in advance. These include land transfer tax, speculation tax or taxes that become due when selling a property.

We will advise and support you in all matters regarding real estate, to make sure that your investments are based on a solid foundation from the outset. We are here to assist you throughout your property’s entire life cycle: from financing and acquisition, via maintenance and accounting, through to a possible sale.

With Breidenbach Kurth Haag you will benefit from many years of experience and a wide spectrum of skills in real estate tax consultancy. We regularly take part in further training measures in this field, and are therefore highly specialised and always up to date. For example, thanks to our “Certified Consultants for Real Estate Taxation and Property Management (IFU / ISM gGmbH)”. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your investment.

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Tax Consultant/Partner

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Your investment decision.
Based on a solid foundation.

Can property tax and land transfer tax, building a house or selling a house, be offset against tax liabilities? How do you calculate speculation tax for properties? Which rules apply in the case of owner-occupation? Most importantly: which is the most favourable financing model for me?

Many important questions regarding financial and tax aspects arise when buying a house or a condominium.

The situation should be carefully examined before the purchase, since real estate investments are usually long-term decisions. It does not matter in this context, whether it is an apartment for owner-occupation or a family home, a buy-to-let property, a holiday home or company premises.

Drawing upon our well-coordinated network of experienced estate agents, funders, building surveyors and lawyers, we will prepare a perfect basis for decision-making for your investment.

Your advantages:

  • Individual registration of your investment wishes by one of our in-house experts
  • Network of specialist lawyers, notaries and consultants
  • Specialist knowledge in the areas of real estate taxation and management
  • Holistic approach to your investment that goes beyond the tax situation

Everything under one roof.
Maintenance and accounting services for your properties.

The upkeep and management of real estate investments can be very time-consuming and complex. This is where our comprehensive technical and commercial property management services – especially for large-scale investors – come in. These services are provided in close cooperation with the ECO Property Management Group.

Your advantages:

  • Full service property management
  • Comprehensive commercial and technical support
  • A single point of contact for all issues – tax, accounting, technical equipment
  • Digital processing and storage of all information, using a special software tool
  • Increasing property value by optimising rental income

Avoiding tax risks.
Selling and transferring your properties.

Complex tax-related questions tend to arise when selling real estate. We have all the answers. We will clarify, for example, whether the disposal is a commercial real estate transaction or if taxation for a private sale transaction (“speculative gains”) applies.

With the help of our network of experts, we will establish the ideal contractual arrangements to ensure that any tax risks are avoided.


Your advantages:

  • Avoiding or reducing the taxable portion of the sale
  • Specialist knowledge in matters of real estate trading, deduction of input tax and re-investment reserves
  • Extensive experience in property valuation
  • Optimisation of the gift and inheritance tax burden in the case of transfers within families

Wide spectrum of competences. Specific expertise.

We possess in-depth knowledge of various specialist areas, far beyond regular tax consultancy services.


There is no better way to present our expertise and commitment than through specific projects and statements made by satisfied clients.