In good spirits and without any obstacles.
Restructuring, transformation, spin-offs.

Restructuring organisations, reorganising and spinning off companies are processes that open up great opportunities. However, they also involve significant risks. There are plenty of obstacles along the way.

Do you recognise all the business risks involved?  Do you know, for example, which department is subsidised internally or does not operate effectively? Do you really comply with all the requirements prescribed in the German Transformation Act (UmwG) and the Transformation Tax Act (UmwStG)?

Don’t worry if you don’t. Thanks to our network of experienced tax consultants, lawyers, auditors and notaries, we can bring all required skills to the table. As an expert advisor, coordinator and driving force, we will make sure that your endeavour progresses swiftly and in a process-oriented manner.

We will provide effective and creative support for establishing your ideal company structure with regard to legal, financial and tax aspects.


Our services at a glance:

  • Structuring consultation for cooperations and joint ventures
  • Involvement of partners
  • Choosing a company structure
  • Tax optimisation for corporations
  • Transformation into a GmbH (limited company), AG (joint-stock company), GmbH & Co. KG (limited company with the limited partner as the managing company)
  • Spinning off of operating units to form separate companies
  • Optimisation of assets and operating companies
  • Safeguarding real estate assets and trademark rights
  • Valuation of companies or individual operating units
  • Analysis and optimisation of your internal processes

Stephan Breidenbach

Diplom-Kaufmann (FH)
Tax Consultant/Partner

02241 / 844 03-0

Just like you.
Keeping a close eye on your company.

Our team possesses a wide range of competences in national and international tax law. In addition to this, we have special expertise in the fields of real estate, company valuation, transformation and transformation tax law.

Drawing upon our big-four experience, we always consider your company from a holistic point of view, taking financial and business-related aspects into account, when it comes to structuring tax matters and providing process consultancy services. Just like you would.

Your advantages:

  • Network of experts (specialist lawyers, notaries and consultants)
  • Broad experience in national and international tax law
  • Areas of particular expertise: real estate, company valuation, transformation and transformation tax law
  • Holistic approach to all aspects of your company
  • Corporate big-four experience in tax structuring and process consultation

Wide spectrum of competences. Specific expertise.

We possess in-depth knowledge of various specialist areas, far beyond regular tax consultancy services.


There is no better way to present our expertise and commitment than through specific projects and statements made by satisfied clients.